Rachel's Children's Home, Maputsoe, Lesotho

COVID-19 has presented Hilda and our mission with new and difficult challenges. With the border to South Africa closed, acquiring food has become a challenge. Our struggles have been primarily logistical rather than financial.

With God’s grace, working with Joyce and Hilda, we have found a way to get food for the children. Last Sunday, the children were given a proper bath, dressed in their Christmas clothes and given a special meal and dessert.

They brought out the tables from the preschool and they sat outside to have their meal. Last week was a super hard week trying to get the food.

We will deal with the situation again at the end of the month. Hilda contacted someone who works on the border and it seems that the border may perhaps not open until middle or end of June.

Joyce has been a real blessing to Rachel’s Home. Hilda can also not really go in the line ups because of her health. So, Joyce has stepped in. The line ups are much worse than ours in Canada.

God has blessed us and will continue to bless us. Please continue to pray for Godwill, Hilda and the children.

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