Glenn & linda inglis serving in blantyre synod

Glenn & Linda Inglis serving in Blantyre Synod

Our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing support Glenn and Linda Inglis as they work in Blantyre Synod with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. There are currently 1.7 million communicant members in the synod, plus children and adherents. This is a very large denomination, with enormous responsibilities in witness to Christ’s love. Glenn serves as Executive Director of the Blantyre Synod Development Commission, which initiates and coordinates development activities throughout Blantyre Synod. Linda is Ecumenical Officer for Blantyre Synod, assisting the synod with visitors from various church partnerships around the world. She writes, “Mission visits help people witness the wonderful faith and joy of Christians in the synod, and awaken people to the realities faced by everyday people in one of the world’s poorest countries.” Let us pray for Glenn and Linda as they continue this important work with our partner church in Malawi.

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