Last Day

The team has completed the build, roof is on, rooms are painted, new mattresses are in place, and all is well.  Except, today is the last day at Rachel’s Home with the children. Please pray for a joyful day today and the adjustment for the children, as so many who have come to mean so […]

Today’s Word: Rain

And, quite simply, the words need to be “No Rain”.  Tomorrow the team is to put on the roof.  There needs to be dry conditions for that task to be completed.  Keep the weather at the front of your mind as you enjoy the wonderful weather Canada is offering to all those who braved winter […]

Border Crossings

Last night, on the way back to South Africa, the team discovered they were “missing” one permit of paperwork for the team bus.  As a result, the bus was confiscated, and Elsie had to go to work. After an hour of time, much stress, and a heavy fine, the bus was released and the team […]

Joy with brokenness

Today, while the team was at Rachel’s Home, a new female child was dropped off by the police.  She arrived with just clothes on her back.  She will be loved at Rachel’s Home.  Please pray for her healing and her integration into her new family. It must be a wonderful joy to love someone new […]

On Schedule

The team, in Lesotho, is on schedule finishing up a solid day of work.  It they are able to keep up the pace the building will be completed Saturday night. Please continue to pray for the team’s health, and that they will have the energy to keep up the work pace.  Also, it is important […]